Wildsong Collection | Simple Elopement Dresses

Introducing the Wildsong Collection of elopement dresses from By Catalfo: A celebration of simplicity and elegance. Our Wildsong Collection is tailored to elevate your elopement experience. Discover 11 meticulously crafted wedding dresses  designed for the non-traditional bride. Produced using the finest dressmaking techniques on a made-to-order basis. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and unmatched sophistication of a By Catalfo elopement dress.

Why choose a customizable elopement dress?

By Catalfo offers brides the unique opportunity to make small customizations and minor adjustments to the styles in our dress collections. Since all of our dresses are handmade to order, we can tailor your dress to your preferred styling and offer these bespoke customizations. This is great for brides that may be planning a wedding or bridal occasion on a shorter timeline, which other traditional boutiques may not be able to accomodate. 

Should I order an elopement dress with custom measurements or standard sizing?

We recommend that you take your measurements at home to know which of our standard sizes will fit you best. Let's be honest, most women will be somewhere in between sizes because we all have unique and beautiful curves! For our elopement wrap dresses, such as the Sonoma and Amalfi styles, you'll have the ability to adjust the fit as you need to and you'll likely get a great fit by ordering a standard size. However for most of our other elopement dresses, we recommend choosing the custom measurements option if you're in between sizes. This is because it's more efficient in terms of timing and cost for you to do so.  Alterations made to dresses after the fact by your local seamstress may be costly, not to mention this will add on additional time for this work to be completed. Please contact us with any additional questions, we'd be happy to chat more about which options is right for you!

What should I consider when choosing an elopement dress? 

We are firm believers that you can wear whatever your heart desires on your wedding day! But there are a few important things that we recommend you consider when deciding which style is right for your big day, to make sure you look and feel your very best.
       • Fabric:  Depending on the season and location of where you plan to say I Do (in the mid-summer heat, or on a breezy mountain top), you may want to consider the type of fabric that would be best suited for your dress. Our Designer is more than happy to discuss this with you and make recommendations, as each dress can be tailored to suit your needs. 

       • Flexibility: Will your elopement take you on an adventure navigating scenic, outdoor terrain? If so, a dress that allows you plenty of movement could be optimal for your day. Elements such as a shorter hemline, silhouette or detachable train are just some of the options that our Designer can recommend for you.

       • Versatility: Depending on the sequences of your wedding day, some brides may need a little bit of versatility built into their elopement dress. Reasons for this can include; unpredictable weather, or accommodating multiple locations with one look. Our Designer can help you with this if you'd like to chat more about versatile design options for your wedding dress. 

       • What feels like you: Most importantly, you want to look and feel like you on your wedding day! Let us know your vision and how our existing Wildsong dresses could be tailored to your preferences. 

Our Commitment to Quality

Choosing a By Catalfo garment means choosing timeless elegance and a garment designed for longevity. We believe in sentiments, and creating pieces that will grow more valuable as the years go on. It is our hope that our garments may even be passed on as an heirloom. To us, a garment with longevity speaks to the handcrafted quality and craftsmanship sewn into every seam. At By Catalfo this is our commitment to quality.