Slip Dresses

Women's Simple and Elegant, Silky White Slips

Elevate your bridal or everyday wardrobe with By Catalfo's collection of classic slip dresses and chemises. Discover timeless and luxurious comfort in every stitch. Our simple and elegant cuts make for perfect bridal getting-ready slips or attire to take with you for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Shop our premium women's lingerie designed to enhance your loungewear wardrobe.

Our Commitment to Quality

Choosing a By Catalfo garment means choosing timeless elegance and a garment designed for longevity. We believe in sentiments, and creating pieces that will grow more valuable as the years go on. It is our hope that our garments may even be passed on as an heirloom. To us, a garment with longevity speaks to the handcrafted quality and craftsmanship sewn into every seam. At By Catalfo this is our commitment to quality.