Your By Catalfo Deliveries Are Now Carbon Neutral

Your By Catalfo Deliveries Are Now Carbon Neutral

| What does this mean? |


• A percentage of each sale made goes towards purchasing carbon offsets that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere.
• Carbon offsets neutralize your shipping footprint to combat climate crisis.

Through these carbon offsets, By Catalfo has chosen to fund innovative solutions such as; direct air capture and mineralization, and a small portion of nature-based carbon removal. These solutions help reverse climate change and improve our environment through:

  • Removing atmospheric carbon
  • Storing carbon for 1000+ years
  • Ocean-based removal and direct air capture (DAC)
If you're like us, you might want to learn more about these methods. Here's a few resources for you to explore what scientists and innovative companies are doing to reverse climate change via a few key methods.

Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal
Maximizing the world’s largest carbon sink and reducing ocean acidification.
Pulling carbon directly out of the air, then storing it safely and long term.
Turning carbon into a mineral that can be stored long term. 

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