Superior Comfort & Wear

Hailed as "outrageously comfortable", our Livaeco™ Modal loungewear brings many wear benefits:
  • Skin friendly

  • A luxurious softness and drape

  • High resilience & strength

  • More cooling than other viscose, cotton and synthetic fabrics

  • Excellent moisture management 

  • Resilient to sun bleaching and color bleeding even after repeated washes.

Traceability of Source

By Catalfo’s Livaeco™ Modal is enhanced by a unique molecular tracer within the fiber. The purpose of it is to ensure verification at every stage in fabric and garment's manufacturing journey to eliminate any possibility of counterfeit or dilution to the material. 

By utilizing Greentrack™, a blockchain-enabled technology, you can meticulously trace your garment's journey from forest to fashion through a simple QR code!

A Sustainable Choice

We chose to work with Livaeco™ Modal from Birla Cellulose because of the impressive sustainability qualities. Birla is a global leader in sustainability using closed-loop processes and environmentally efficient technologies that recycle raw materials and conserve natural resources. The fibers come from nature and return to nature. By choosing products made with Livaeco™ you're helping us shape a more sustainable future for fashion.

Ranked #1 Position in Canopy's Hot Button Report 2023
Environment Facility Module Score of 90/100

What is sustainable about cutting down trees? 

Birla Cellulose has an intense forestry management system and robust wood sourcing policy. For every one tree that is used they give two back to the planet. Their policies are compliant to global standards and partake in conservation of ancient and endangered forests, High Conservation Value (HCV) forests, boreal forest and biodiversity. In their recent Hot Button Canopy Report, it states that Birla Cellulose "demonstrated an awareness of the status of Ancient and Endangered Forests in the countries from which they source, and efforts to protect them". The report describes other conservation efforts and actions that are being taken proactively, such as "using ForestMapper and complementary guidance documents such as the Dissolving Pulp Mill Classification tool to avoid sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests." 

Wood pulp is used widely across many products in our day to day life. Everything from paper packaging and baby diapers to furniture. What's important is that we make a conscious effort to support organizations who manage forestry sustainably. With this care and concern our forests will regenerate and renew themselves for future generations. 

At By Catalfo, we feel that the progress being made towards replacing fossil fuel based products (such as non-biodegradable plastics and synthetics) with sustainable ones that come from natural origins is very exciting. We refer to and rely heavily on third party audits and certifications to give us confidence in our sustainable sourcing efforts. These certifications are designed help us understand and verify how high or low of an impact a particular material has on our precious planet and all living things on it. 

Is it sustainable to dye fabrics?

Our Livaeco™ Modal fabric is knitted and finished at a facility that goes above and beyond to ensure responsible and sustainable business practises. We chose to work with them because they've been awarded the following sustainability certifications listed below. 

These certifications and audits do not come easily. They require hard work across the entire organization to maintain, so we're very proud to share that our fabrics are made under their careful watch!

• ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems)

• ISO 9001 (Quality management)

• OEKO-TEX® DETOX TO ZERO (exclude hazardous chemicals from textile production)

• OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 (certified to be harmless to human health)

• The Organic Content Standard (Verifies 95-100 percent organic material)

• Global Recycled Standard

What are the certifications above for?

FSC Certified - Forest Stewardship Council is a proven nature-based solution to tackle today’s climate and biodiversity challenges. This symbol verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer. They protect the future of forests and the communities who depend on them.

Canopy Hot Button - Canopy’s annual Hot Button Report is  the primary fiber sourcing analysis tool for the fashion sector that focuses on forests. The Hot Button identifies risk of Man Made Cellulosic Fiber (MMCF) producers sourcing from high-carbon forests and leadership in Next Gen production — and points to other important data needed for informed purchasing, including chemical processing.    

HIGG Index - Assesses and measures the social and environmental performance of the value chain (anyone that is involved in the making of a product) and the environmental impacts of products. They will measure water use, carbon emissions, labor conditions, and more. 

Once your order confirmation has been received, we will work with you virtually to collect your measurements and any other information we need from you to create your dream dress. Our team is always available to offer assistance and will gladly set up a video call to help you along with measurement collection.

All custom dresses and made-to-order designs are final sale.

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